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NBDE (National Boards of Dentistry) TEST STEP 1

I know how bewildering it feels to walk alone blindly with NO GUIDANCE AT ALL WITH NOT HELP AT ALL.

So here I am giving it back to all those who need such help & to tell what & exactly how everything needs to be done STEP BY STEP.

MY PERSONAL ADVICE IS to start preparing for the test asap (like in your internship period) when you are sure that This is what you want to do. Do the rest of the researches in your idle time or when you don’t feel like studying.


NUMBER 1 STEP IS to make a dentpin on

NEXT STEP is To get your evaluations done through (i shall soon upload the entire procedure on my youtube channel soon  OR . Between both the above mention processes I Personally prefer ece evaluation. To know exactly what documents are required to your grades evaluated, go to

ECE prepares evaluation reports that identify U.S. equivalents
of educational qualifications earned in other countries.

1. Contact Educational Credential Evaluators
Inc. (ECE) and request a General Report.

The ECE evaluation report request will
describe what documents are required, the
manner in which to submit them to ECE, and
the applicable fee. To request an evaluation
report, visit, select “Evaluation
Report,” and request that a General Report
be sent to the Department of Testing
2. Only official reports electronically transmitted
from ECE Inc. to the Department of Testing
Services will be accepted. Personal copies
are not acceptable.
3. The Department of Testing Services will not
process the examination application before
the ECE Evaluation Report is received.
4. The name on the ECE report must match the
name on your application exactly. Any name
changes must be accompanied by legal

Then, finally, you get your odered reports from ECE and also get an email that you have been considered eligible then you can go to and apply for your test.The fee for an international student/graduate for Part 1 is 520 U.S $$ You need to schedule a date via